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You can access UNEB past exam questions and answers for different subjects as examined at Primary Laving Examinations,UgandaCertificate of Education and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education.

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March 28, 2020


  1. George Stephen OchwoJune 17, 2018 at 2:25 pmReply

    An Excellent service to all parents, teachers and students

  2. thanks uneb

  3. Edward Bulwadda MukasaSeptember 5, 2018 at 1:08 pmReply

    Solutions to UACE Mathematics,Chemistry & Biology Paper 1& 2, for years 2012,2013 & 2014

  4. Chemistry 1and 2 with answers

  5. Oh!thanks but can u help me History O’Level

  6. mathematics ,physics,chemistry,commerce,biology,history east &west,geograph uce question &answers

    • Hello Mercy. Search for a course that you want on the site or mobile app. E.g Physics, History and you will see the past papers and notes. If you find issues, call Jane 0781630351 or Edward 0792895470

  7. hy may you give history past paper 2015 both paper 1 and 2

  8. o level history past papers of 2016 both paper 1 and 2 with ans

  9. hello, can you please give me some I. R. E past papers,?! Thank you.

  10. Comment I need art past papers for five years back from 2015 and below thanks

  11. Help with o’level past papers chemistry

  12. Please colleagues in academic cycles, Please share with me PLE past papers for Primary seven 2018, english and mathematics

  13. Please colleagues in academic cycles, Please share with me PLE past papers for Primary seven 2018, english and mathematics, thank you for your consideration

  14. physics uce questions and solutions

  15. hello friends, I would love to have a look at the o’level chemistry practical past papers for the near past years from 2018 backwards to about 2010 please.

    • Hello Isaac, we currently don’t have them up on the site now. We are working towards that and if you could kindly leave us with your contacts so that we get in touch when they are ready.

    • Dear Isaac,
      We are still looking for content for the near years and we shall have them on the site in a month.
      Please reach out to Jane on +256781630351 or Edward on +256785961809 to follow up.
      Thank you

  16. Nkubuge Charles - LwangaFebruary 18, 2019 at 9:00 pmReply

    Hello All,

    How do I obtain PLE past papers with answers for the last three years?

    Thank you


  17. MUKISA PHILEGON KANIIKEFebruary 18, 2019 at 11:58 pmReply

    great work and service rendered to the society of Uganda.
    i kindly request for Computer Studies Past Papers and Solutions since last year and the previous years.
    thanking you kindly in advance.

  18. MUKISA PHILEGON KANIIKEFebruary 19, 2019 at 12:01 amReply

    dearly comrades;
    kindly requesting for Computer Studies Past Papers and Solutions since last year and the previous 15 years.
    positive consideration and feedback is welcomed

    • Dear Mukisa Philegon,
      Thank you for reaching out to our site. We currently do not have Computer Studies Past papers and solutions but we are in the process of getting them so please reach out to us in the next month to get them. Please reach Jane on +256781630351, or Edward on +256785961809.


  19. i have not seen history Alevel

  20. I do request for Geography paper 1 and 2 for the last 10 years.

    • Dear Samuel,
      Thank you for visiting our site.
      We are in the process of getting the past papers for those last 10 years. Please visit us in the next 2 months and we shall have them ready.


  21. How do I get the past papers and answers

  22. Would like Agriculture O level past papers please.

    • Dear Juliet,
      We are currently working on getting all the past papers for Ordinary Level Agriculture. Please check back in a few months.

    • Dear Juliet,
      We are in the process of putting the past papers up on the site in the coming months.
      Please reach out to +256781630351 for more information.


    • Dear Ssemanda,
      We are yet to upload Physics 2018 on the site and as soon as we do, we shall let you know.
      Please reach out to this number +256781630351 in a month.


  23. could you please post for past papers for french o level

    • Dear Eugene,

      We are in the process of getting French past papers on the site in the next months. Please reach out to +256781630351 after that time and you will get it.


  24. May I get past papers for this combination in A level HEG/ICT.
    Nb E= entrepreneurship and should be latest.

  25. Hi could you pliz post for us Islamic past papers o level.

    • Dear Khadija,
      Thank you for visiting our site.
      We are in the process of ensuring that all past papers of Islam are up on the site in a month so please come back then or reach me directly on +256781630351 for answers.


  26. Is it possible for me to download any marking guide for uneb

    • Dear Jawadu,
      Thank you for coming to our site. We currently do not have marking guides of UNEB on the site but we are in the process of uploading them on our site. Please visit the site again in one month and we shall have them. Reach out directly on +256781630351 incase you encounter any other issues.


  27. dear sir kindly send us some uneb questions with answers of entreprenuership education

  28. Hello i needed geography paper 1 from 2016 to 2018

  29. please send me CRE paper 3 uneb past papers and answers

  30. Comment
    please send me UCE a griculture past papers for the last 20 years and marking guides.thanks

  31. Kindly get me Agriculture 2018 question paper, guide list for Agriculture practicals and marking guide. All for 2018.

    • Dear Julius,
      Thank you for visiting our site. We are currently in the process of updating content on the site and we shall have Agriculture 2018 papers ready in one month. Please feel free to reach out on +256781630351/bukenyajane53@gmail.com.
      Please be on the site to get them when the time comes.


  32. Hello sir nice to meet u here I hope u will help me predict my end of year exams with your past papers of have for the combination of MEG/ICT Thanks.

  33. Hello, kindly I need UACE studio technology past papers

    • Dear Alvin,
      We are still looking for the past papers for that particular subject so please reach out to us after a month as we shall have finished getting it. Please reach out to +256781630351or bukenyajane53@gmail.com when the time comes.


  34. Hello, am requesting for history past papers for both o’level (p/1 &4) and A’ LEVEL (p/1 &3)

  35. Can I please have a copy of the UACE Mathematics for the last 6 years

    • Dear Keneth,
      Thank you for visiting our site.
      We are currently in the process of looking for the Mathematics UACE papers and we shall inform you when they are ready.
      You can reach us directly on +256781630351 for more information.


  36. Excuse me my dears, how can i get the past paper and answers for chemistry(UCE) 2014.

  37. Hello! can u please send me the past paper for chemistry 2016 and its answers on my Email.

    • Dear Peter,
      Thank you for visiting our site. We can avail you the Past papers on email but at a cost since you need them on your email but you are free to access them on the site. Please reach out to +256781630351 incase of anymore inquiries.

  38. hello can i past papers o level history

    • Dear Ben,
      We are currently putting up the past papers for Olevel History and we shall have completed by the end of this month. Please visit the site after to find them. The notes are for sell if you need them in soft copy and free to access on the website online. Reach out to +256781630351 for more inquiries.


  39. hello I need math notes both paper 1 and 2 for A level and also past papers and answers please

  40. Hey guys I need Math and Physics of O level please … How do I get those

  41. Hlo gd mrng guys and thanks for da great work u , cud u plz get me UACE 2018 answers of MTC thanks

  42. Kiswahili and French O level

  43. A entrepreneurship paper 2

  44. Hello could you give me the past papers for French paper 2 and 3

  45. Hey can any 1 help me with UACE 2018 Ent papers 1,2and3 thanks

  46. can I get a passed paper ICT papers from 2016 to 2018 both paper 2 and 3

  47. what of PLE past papers

  48. hellooo guys thx for the wonderful work your doing but kindly requesting for past papers of luganda 2018

  49. i would love to study advanced history (europe and african nationalism),economics and enterprenuership education past papers and answers

  50. i want all uneb past paper for the last 10 years for divinity 1,2,3 &ent 1,2,3 & lug 1,2,3

  51. Õ'díã ÊmmãñûêlJanuary 3, 2020 at 11:24 amReply

    Sub mathematics Advanced level

  52. Hero to you all can I access uneb past papers UCE 2019 and answers to all papers

    • Hello Frank, thank you for getting in touch. We currently don’t have them but you can leave us with your contact details and we contact you when they are uploaded on the site.

  53. i wound like Geography and Entreprentreship Paper

  54. i would like 2 study A Level entreprenurship and ict papers

  55. I would like to have the U.A.C.E past papers and their solutions(1998-2010)

  56. hello could you give me past paper for arts and it’s solutions

  57. Good morning teams, I am in need of PLE Past Papers from 2010 – 2019 if possible, you can reached me on E-mail: okobert@yahoo.com or Call: +256-772013270.

    Okot Robert

  58. Solutions for UACE physics paper 1 and paper 2006

  59. halo. I would request you to send me kiswahili past papers for o level

    • Hello Mariam. Unfortunately, we do’t have Kiswahili O-level papers yet but as soon as we get them we can contact you. Kindly give us your contact details or reach us on +256785961809

  60. thanks for helping uganda.

  61. May you please send me past papers for cre 224/ 1,2 and 5

    • Hello Ezekiel, we have the these past papers and please reach us on 0785955569 or provide us with your contact details so that we can get in touch.

  62. Hello uneb i request for past papers for geography paper one O an A level

  63. hello pliz post for me history paper 1 and 3 for a.level
    Geography 1,2,3 and ent paper 1,2,3

  64. Nassamula JosephineApril 1, 2020 at 12:37 amReply

    Hello post for me mathematics 2019,2018,past papers of PLE.

  65. i need answers to maths paper 2 of 2018

  66. hello i need answers to uce maths paper 2 of 2018

  67. am looking questions for p.7 or past papers for ple

  68. Hy am peter Paul am requesting UCE 2008 math paper 1 answers thk u

  69. Hi, am Abaho Bryan requesting UACE past papers (Physics, Economics and Mathematics) for the last 5 years and answers pliz

  70. hi kindly help me with the past papers for UCE from the year 2015-2019

  71. Am Edison Kabalega trust am requesting all o level notes s3 and s4

    • Hello Edison, thanks for getting in touch you can get these notes at a discount price via your email address. For more details please call or WhatsApp 0785955569.

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